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Research Study on Public Libraries and Immigrants Research Participants Needed

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Un evento que tiene lugar cada 1 mes/es, comienza a la hora 12:00 am el día 11 del mes, y se repite hasta el noviembre 30, 2020


Are you an immigrant who has never been in a public library before? Would you be interested in helping us understand why? We are conducting a study to investigate your information experience, the effect of not using public libraries has in your life, and the way in which not using libraries helps or does not help your need for information. We would like to ask you questions such as how do you find information and where do you find information you need to make your life better? Those questions will specifically address your everyday information needs.

We need volunteers to participate.

• We will meet with you at a place that is the most convenient to you.

• You will receive a $ 25 gift card to participate in this study.

• You are at least 18 years old.
• You have lived in the United States for less than 5 years.
• You have never visited a public library since coming to the United States.


For more information contact JEAN RENE 

Phone: (347) 370-9215

Email: [email protected]


NY United States

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