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  • NOTICE IS HEREBY given that a Public Hearing will be held before the Zoning Board of Appeals on Thursday, February 22, 2018 at 6:00 P.M., in the Incorporated Village of Freeport, Main Conference Room, 46 N. Ocean Avenue, Freeport, New York, on the appeals and applications of cases as they appear on the calendar; residential applications that do not extend their prior non-conforming status may be called first; public comment invited. It is anticipated that the Board will adjourn the legislative session and enter into Executive Session until 6:30P.M.

    INTERESTED PROPERTY OWNERS and other persons should appear at the above time and place to have questions answered and to voice opinions.

    All applications are non-conforming with zoning regulations herein specified for the districts in which they are located.

    Application #53-2017 – 178 Sportsmans Ave., Residence A – Section 62/Block 088/Lot 22 – Erich Jung Reconstruct single family dwelling thru NY Rising 999 sq. ft. Village Ordinance §210-6A, §210-39 Building height; Sky exposure plane. States in part: “No building shall penetrate the sky exposure plane.”  Proposed plans penetrate the front and rear property lines. §210-40 Lot area; street frontage: lot width. No building shall be constructed on a lot with an area less than 5,000 sq ft or street frontage less than 50 sq ft. Application indicates lot size of 1,000 sq ft and street frontage of 20 ft. §210-41 Lot coverage may not exceed 30%. Proposed lot coverage is 69%. §210-43A(1)(2)(3) Front, rear and side yard minimums of 20 ft, 20 ft, and 5 ft respectively.  Application shows respectively 4.2 ft, 12 ft, and side yards of 0 ft and 3 ft.

    Application #1-2018 – V/L West of 182 Ray St., Residence AA – Section 62/Block 168/Lot 82 – Bruce Lyons “Code Compliance – split property” “Parcel A” Village Ordinance §210-6A, §210-35A(1) “Required Yards” Front yard depth minimum 33.35 ft is the average depth, of all residential front yards on the same side of the street within 200 ft. Application indicates secondary front yard setback of 20 ft.

    Application #2-2018 – V/L West of 182 Ray St., Residence AA – Section 62/Block 168/Lot 82 – Bruce Lyons “Code Compliance – split property” “Parcel B” Village Ordinance §210-6A, §210-32 “Street Frontage” No building shall be erected on a lot whose area is less than 7,500 sq ft and on any lot which has a street frontage of less than 75 ft. Application indicates street frontage of 60 ft.


    Pamela Walsh Boening, Village Clerk

    Issue Date February 8, 2018

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