Village of Freeport: SITE PLAN REVIEW BOARD MEETING – MAY 28, 2019

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    NOTICE IS HEREBY given that a Public Hearing will be held before the Site Plan Review Board on Tuesday, May 28, 2019, at 7:00 P.M., in the Incorporated Village of Freeport, Main Conference Room, 46 N. Ocean Avenue, Freeport, New York, on Site Plan applications as they appear on the calendar; public comment invited. The Board will meet at 6:00 P.M. in the Trustees Conference Room to discuss cases not requiring a public hearing; open to the public, no public comment.
    INTERESTED PROPERTY OWNERS and other persons should appear at the above time and place to have questions answered and to voice opinions.
    SP-3326 – 40-42 Smith Street, Major Coinage Holdings, Inc., Section 62/Block 053/Lot 15. Business B.
    Construct a new 2-story 1-family dwelling.
    SP-3332 – VL SO 171 Maxson Avenue, Andrea Wright, Section 54/Block 492/Lot 20. Residence AA.
    Construct a new 1-family cape modular home 2,342 sq. ft.
    SP-3335 – 352 Roosevelt Avenue, Justine Jenkins, Section 62/Block 156/Lot 769. Residence A.
    Construct new 1,375 sq. ft. modular home.
    SP-3336 – 58 Maryland Avenue, Laurence G Latimer, Section 54/Block 458/Lot 225. Residence AA.
    Erect steel carport on driveway behind home 12’ x 20.2’ x 8’.
    SP-3337 – 125 Buffalo Avenue, National Grid, Section 62/Block D/Lot420. Industrial District. Install new natural gas regulator station and associated appurtenances.
    SP-3338 – VL EO 164 Moore Avenue, Stewart Bynoe, Section 55/Block 350/Lot 250. Residence AA.
    Construct 1,494 sq. ft. 2-story dwelling with 253 sq. ft. attached garage, 43 sq. ft. portico and 195 sq. ft. patio.
    SP-3339 – 740 South Ocean Avenue, Tyrell Everett, Section 62/Block 179/Lot 6. Residence A. Construct a 3-story 2,480 sq. ft. 1-family dwelling.
    SP-3193 – 66 Gordon Place, Dennis Marti, Section 62/Block 085/Lot 11. Residence A. Construct 2,446 sq. ft. 2-story 1-family dwelling. Approved 9/26/2017. Request to reopen hearing.
    Pamela Walsh Boening, Village Clerk

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