Village of Freeport Budget Workshop Schedule 2017

Publicado: 28 noviembre 2017 (4 años atrás)

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that a Special Meeting of the Board of Trustees’ Public Budget Workshop Session has been scheduled for Saturday, December 9, 2017.  The workshop will be conducted according to the following schedule in the Board of Trustees meeting room adjacent to the Mayor’s Office; *scheduled times are subject to change:

Date/Time* Department Head Department
Saturday 12/9

8:30 AM

Vicki Dinielli


Recreation Center
Saturday 12/9


Joseph Madigan


Building Department
Saturday 12/9

8:55 AM

Megan Martinez Auditor
Saturday, 12/9

9:00 AM

Al Livingston


IT Department
Saturday, 12/9

9:20 AM

Miguel Bermudez Police Department
Saturday, 12/9

9:50 AM

Evette Sanchez Court
Saturday, 12/9

9:55 AM

Ismaela Hernandez Treasurer
Saturday, 12/9

10:05 AM

Conor Kirwan Human Resources
Saturday, 12/9

10:15 A.M.

Vilma Lancaster Assessor
Saturday, 12/9

10:20 A.M.

Dan Layer Comptroller
Saturday, 12/9

10:25 AM

Rick Holdener Emergency Management
Saturday, 12/9

10:30 AM

Howard Colton Counsel
Saturday, 12/9

10:40 AM

Pam Boening Village Clerk
Saturday, 12/9

10:45 AM

Kim Weltner Purchasing
Saturday, 12/9

10:55 AM

Ray Maguire Fire Department
Saturday, 12/9

11:10 AM

Rob Fisenne and Jerry Cardoso Public Works and Water
Saturday, 12/9

12:00 NOON

Sophia Johnson Public Relations
Saturday, 12/9

12:10 PM

Peggy Lester Mayor


Pamela Walsh Boening

Village Clerk

Issue Date:  11/30/2017

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